To put it very simply, just a bunch of passionate kids. As an assembly of very diverse people, from all walks of life, with different interests, different strengths, and different weaknesses robotics seems to been the nucleus that united our mutual passions to really think, create and innovate in an engaging manner. Our teams consist of students of various ages, ranging from Year 9 (13) to Year 13 (18) all of whom study at Lynfield College, a high school in Central Auckland, New Zealand.
Lynfield College Robotics live within a small shed in our school. We survive on boxes upon boxes of shapes biscuits and we thrive on the thrill that comes with all aspects of robotics; from tinkering with gears, bending metal, dodgy wiring and breaking all the rules in the most law-abiding manner – we love what we do and we do what we love. Robotics.
To keep it short and sweet, we’re the current VRC (High School) World Robot Skills Champions and Excellence Award Holders, the highest award presented in the competition. We have also been VRC World Champions for 3 consecutive years before that. We’re also the current New Zealand National Champions, a title we’ve held for five seasons running and hope to retain heading into Nationals in February.




A huge Thank You to the sponsors of Lynfield College Robotics. Your contributions have helped us get where we are and also run a successful program for younger students who wish to get into the world of robotics!

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Although winning National and World titles ultimately boils down to hardwork and passion on our end, maintaining world class robots also requires a heavy supply of resources, the cost of which really adds up. Furthermore, to compete at international events such as VEX Worlds in the US we need to be able to send a whole team of students whose flights and accommodation don’t come cheap. Ultimately, sponsors help us cover these costs associated with robotics and make it possible for us to compete to the best of our ability.
By sponsoring Lynfield College Robotics your company will be seen as supporting youth in the STEM fields and helping spark a whole new generation of not just engineers but young adults entering the workplace with a plethora of important skills at their disposal from teamwork, communication, improvisation and time management. Furthermore, by sponsoring Lynfield College Robotics your organization’s logo will be actively displayed upon our robots, banners and uniform where possible for publicity. Larger donations exceeding will also grant you the ability to name one of our robots as you wish. Lastly, we can collaborate with your organization to run interactive demonstrations with team and our robots in action where you also get a hands on opportunity to engage with our robots and team.


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  • 2016-2017


    In Progress

  • 2015-2016

    Nothing But Net

    World Championships:
    Excellence Award
    Robot Skills Champion
    National Championships:
    Tournament Champion
    Robot Skills Champion
    Excellence Award
    Think Award
    Division Champion
    2x Division Finalist

  • 2014-2015


    World Championships:
    World Tournament Champions
    Science Division Champions
    2nd Place VRC Robot Skills Champions
    National Championships:
    1st Place Robot Skills Champions
    National Champions
    National AMAZE award

  • 2013-2014

    Toss Up

    World Championships:
    World champion
    World skills finalist
    National Championships:
    2x national champion
    National skills champion
    Lower north island regional champion

  • 2012-2013

    Sack Attack

    World Championships:
    World tournament champion
    World robot skills champion
    National Championships:
    National champion
    National skills finalist
    Asia-Pacific Semi-Finalist

  • 2011-2012


    World Championships:
    World Cup Finalist
    Science Division Champions
    Technology Division Finalists
    National Championships:
    National excellence award
    3x national champion
    National robot skills champion
    National robot skills finalist
    National programming skills finalist
    Educate Award

  • 2010-2011

    Round Up

    World Championships:
    World division finalists
    World create award
    National Championships:
    National finalists
    Auckland regional champions

  • 2009-2010

    Clean Sweep

    Auckland regional champions

  • 2008-2009


    National Semifinalist


Click on each team to read more about them!


Led by Steven


Steven Barker(c): Driver
Reeve D'Cunha: Builder
Jia Dua: Scout
Irisha Inamke: Builder
Conor Thomas: Programmer


Led by Jonathon


Jonathon Brown(c): Driver
Michaela Harrison: Scout
Taea Lam: Builder
Bryn Litherland: Builder


Led by Nathan


Nathan Varney(c): Builder
Daniel Adams: Builder
Andrew Isdale: Driver
Iain Purdie: Programmer


Led by Isaac


Isaac German(c): Driver
Ben Fitzpatrick: Scout
Jarrad Green: Builder
Thomas Green: Builder
Hayden Lapwood: Programmer


Led by Emily


Emily Gossen(c): Driver
Harshal Damania: Scout
Raymond Feng: Builder
Michael Howell: Programmer
Nene Matsuki: Builder
Elena Smith: Builder


Led by Daniel


Daniel Mar(c): Driver
Yuvraj Behal: Builder
Sam Mason: Scout
Hamish Mevasia: Builder
Matthew Tribble: Programmer


Led by Noah


Noah Gozali(c): Driver
Marco Chui: Builder
Krishen Chovhan: Scout
Sai Nyayapati: Builder
Aaron Zhang: Programmer


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